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We have arrived in Washington DC, VA. After much time on the road, meeting a lot of awesome people and having a crazy schedule, I am able to write a blog about the past week. But first things first, Michael Gungor and his wife are incredible musicians. So inspiring, and if you haven’t checked them out we highly recommend it. I will get to that in a little bit, but here is our update!

Last week we left NC, drove a few hours and arrived at Liberty University. We gave ourselves a small tour upon arrival. Will Mikkelson, a former Oceans Edge alumni and lead electric guitarist in the band 71 at Liberty, was playing that night, so we visited him and were able to see how they lead worship and worship with them, which was a blessing.

Anyways, on to the good stuff. The next morning which was friday we loaded up and drove over to Liberty from the hotel, we showed up as the campus band was setting up. After they they sound checked, it was our turn. There we are in the Vines Center at Liberty about to play for 15,000 plus people. After the campus band led their set, we jumped in our places on stage. Check out the video! 

Needless to say, we were able to play an original at Liberty’s convocation. It’s amazing what God can do in a your life, never did we think we could do something like that and yet God proves us wrong again. Pastor Bob Coy, our pastor from Ft. Lauderdale spoke after us. It was a genuinely great day.

That same night we scored tickets to see David Crowder band, Gungor, John Mark McMillan and a couple others. Gungor came out and did an acoustic set, with a cello player who beat-boxed. It was indescribable, just check it out on youtube if you get a chance! They played a great set, and just kept you mesmerized in the whole time. Their music is not only different from anything we have ever heard, but different from any kind of worship that we are used to. Its incredible.

We also were able to play and worship with Calvary Chapel Lynchburg, and hangout with a great host home and worship with some incredible people. We had a great time there and we’re excited to see what God is doing in that church. The vision of the church is so clear, and the out reach ministries are on a great track to furthering the Kingdom of God! We have learned so much in the past few weeks that no matter where we end up and what the church is doing, we have Christ together. We are all truly one family, and people always treat us that way. Its such an incredible thought to know that God is the center of everything we do and the center of every church we visit.

Also, Will Mikkelson who I had mentioned earlier let Mike use his amp, here is the result.

Well, tonight we are off to play and worship with some Park Valley Youth! Excited to head to Morgantown, West Virginia tomorrow! And excited for what God is not only doing with us, but with you, your friends and the world!

Any questions about what’s going on with us or how you can contact us, click one of the links here and we would be more then happy to respond.!/oceansedge


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Start of our Tour

The start of our tour up the East Coast has officially started. We are in Charlotte, North Carolina. Got to meet some incredible people already, and it has only been a week. On thursday we had one of the most intense sound checks with Kent Margraves

It was incredible, his ear and how fast he works were inspiring. After sound check, the next day we came back for the conference, and were able to worship with the crew from the SE-WAC conference.

Today we went and were able to take a tour with the Elevation Church band and staff at Elevation. They have an incredible facility and if you are ever in Charlotte or near, we recommend checking their church out. We were able to watch the sound check and full run through, which was inspiring and is always a joy to see what happens in practice and then what the final product is during the Worship Service. They are great musicians, and Kent was mixing so you know that the FOH was sounding good.
We were all in awe of the service, and how the church was run. Clayton King was speaking and what a man of God he is! The things God is doing at the church are incredible. And Pastor Steven Furtick has a vision like no other. With just 5 years under their belt and 16000 members, they are an inspiring church and we all left there with ideas and a great message we can use everyday. So all in all, it was a great day at Elevation!

More to come soon!

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New Blog Location

Hey Everyone!  We have a new website up that we are so excited about!  Our new blog entries can be found there!

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God is working now.

Back in the day.  Back then.  You know, what you used to do.

That’s what people like to rely on.  It’s comfortable, we can glamorize and romanticize it, and truth be told-it can keep us from stepping out now.

What do I mean?  Let me give you an example from pop music.

Whitney Houston, one of the greatest female vocalists of all time, embarked on a world tour to promote her new record.  This is a woman who 20 years ago could bring tears to a grown man’s eyes.  Her voice was known all across the globe, and she could sing “Happy Birthday” and make it sound like a multi-platinum hit song.

But she went on this world tour in 2010, and honestly she wasn’t what she used to be.  It was so bad that she actually got booed off the stage in Australia, and people were demanding their money back.  Why?

Because Whitney was touring based on the image of what she used to do, not what she was doing now.

The truth is, God works in the now.  He is redeeming us now, he is healing and forgiving now.  And we are image bearers of God, and we are called to reflect Him into this world.

But Andrew, what does that look like for us?  What does that mean?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

It means that today, now, you should be creatively pursuing God and how you can give Him glory.  It means that today, now, you should be disciplined and working hard to become better at what He has called you to do.  What you did last year, 5 years ago, 10 years ago for God is wonderful!  But it shouldn’t stop then.  It should be happening now.

Did you write a song for Him then?  Did you memorize tons of verses then?  Did you practice hard then?  Well then, nice job!


Write a song now.  Share your faith now.  Pursue God now.  Give Him glory now.

And when you do those things now, watch and see how God works in you and through you!

I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.   Galatians 2:20

-Andrew Wooddell

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What Worship Leaders can learn from Snoop Dogg

When was the last time you set in a seminary class, read a book on Worship, or attended a session at a Worship conference and they told you to be more like Snoop Dogg? The truth is, being more like Snoop Dogg could revolutionize your church and your worship ministry.  So what is it about Mr. D-o-g-g that we should emulate? It’s the fact that Snoop knows who he his. Listen to a song by Snoop and immediately you know it’s him. He’s got a sound, a style to his music and his rapping is very lyrical. He takes his time, his delivery is smooth (we won’t discuss why that is but..) Snoop has a style that’s unique to him. Snoop knows who he is.

Now, enter the church. Pick any church you find online, and go visit. Before hearing the music we can already tell what it’s going to sound like. Big, loud electric guitars.  Thumping four on the floor drum beats, and lots of “yeah-ahs” and “who-ohs”. Why is it that to be a “relevant” church and to have “real worship” we have to sound like Hillsong? Why is it that 95% of church worship bands are simply bad Hillsong United cover bands?

I’ve discovered over the past 8 plus years of ministry that successful ministries seem to have one thing in common:

“They Know Who they are and who they are trying to reach”

It might sound a little un-spiritual, but that fact of the matter is, knowing who we are is very much a Spiritual issue. It’s at the core of our ministry and how we do what we do. When we make ourselves and ministries clones of other ministries, we let our pride get in the way. We’re saying to God, the desires and creativity YOU placed in my heart isn’t good enough. I don’t trust YOUR inspiration and I don’t trust YOUR design.  I strongly believe God has placed within all of us a natural leaning towards a certain approach to ministry and even personal music tastes.  It’s absurd to think Christians only listen to Indie, alternative rock.  so why does most worship music sound like that?

The point of all this madness is this, Who are you? How can you put your touch on the songs you do on Sunday? Better yet, when you do the hard work of putting pen to paper and writing songs, what does God say through you? What’s your story? What is God doing in your life, your church, your neighborhood?  Don’t just let people in Nashville, Atlanta, LA and Australia speak into your congregations life. You know them best. You know what your team is struggling with, so write songs that speak to them. Craft your service in a way that best serves and communicates to them. It goes way beyond music.

So, stop trying to be the Worship Leader God DIDN’T create you to be. Be yourself. Get in the word and on your knees and ask God to reveal to you how you can uniquely minister to your community, whether in song, word, or act. Take it from Snoop Dogg, be yourself don’t try to be someone else.


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Catalyst Conference

The Oceans Edge Team is in Atlanta this week for the Catalyst Conference. If your there, stop by our booth and say hi! Church leaders, ask about our special tuition rate for Catalyst attendees.

If you don’t know about Catalyst here’s a bit about them from their site:

It pains us to call Catalyst a conference. Catalyst is way beyond a conference – it’s a powerful convergence of next generation leaders. It’s a fully immersive learning, worship, and creative experience loaded with the high-octane energy of thousands of like-minded leaders gathered together to exert influence in our generation. And once you’ve been exposed, you’ll call it what we call it – pure leadership adrenaline.

The Catalyst Conference is the largest gathering of young leaders in the country, but is much more than just a three-day event. Catalyst is a movement founded in the hearts of young leaders who see things differently and feel a burden for the fate of our generation. Catalyst brings together the influencers, the do-ers who are making a major difference and who have the power to change our communities and culture for good.

Catalyst has always been about leadership, specifically addressing and supporting the unique needs of Next Generation Leaders – their vision, desire for authenticity, passion for God, need for community, and revolutionary spirits. One Catalyst is strong, but when 12,000 come together, we become ONE. Together. United. A collective Catalyst in our churches, our communities, and our culture. A force that can change history.

This years speaker include:

Andy Stanley Seth Godin Beth Moore Bishop T.D. Jakes Daniel Pink Christine Caine Francis Chan Perry Noble Craig Groeschel Gabe Lyons Rani Hong Scott Harrison Reggie Joiner John Ortberg Jon Acuff David Batstone Mark Batterson Johnny Carr Jeremy Cowart Tim Elmore Mike Foster Gayle Haggard Chris Heuertz Phileena Heuertz Laura Waters Hinson Alan Hirsch Debra Hirsch Chris Hodges Michael Hyatt and more!

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Upcoming Events

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